Thursday, May 21, 2009

Girls' Lunch

This past weekend I had another lovely get-together with my friends Lauren, Brooke, and Sarah. It was originally supposed to be at my house but then Brooke, pregnant with triplets, was put on bed rest a few weeks ago and we all decided to go to her instead! It was another great afternoon, filled with lots of talking and eating (well, why not, with 4 pregnant women!). I hope to see them all again very soon.

And if you can spare any thoughts and prayers for Brooke, her husband Joe, and the babies, please do. Her pregnancy thus far has not been pleasant, but she has faced it all with a tremendously positive attitude and a smile. You can follow along with her story here:

Three Cheers for Babies

Girls' Lunch

Can't wait for the next one, ladies!

**Note: My camera was horribly out of focus the whole day, so this is the one shot that actually looked halfway decent. Just head to Sarah's and Lauren's blogs to see pics of their dishes!


Anonymous said...

YUMMY!! It looks great, EVERYTHING looks great. I hope it was a wonderful time. Brooke is defintiely in our prayers! :) :)

Maria said...

I love girls day out! How fun!! The orzo looks incredible!

Brooke said...

Thanks for giving me credit for those sandwiches :) Although the real thanks should go to Dominick's pizzeria... And thanks for giving me "hostess" duties. It was so great to see you all!

Melissa said...

I didn't know ALL of you were pregnant. Hehe. Cool. That's so sweet you guys went and did that for her. Hopefully she gets the rest of her pregnancy with quickness and a bit more ease. Poor gal.