Friday, September 16, 2011

Corn and Zucchini Orzo Salad

I wanted to post one last pasta salad before the cold weather overtook us for good. This recipe was in an article of Everyday Food that discussed making big batches of food and using it for several different dishes. This was a good weeknight pasta salad, and I liked the technique of salting the zucchini to drain the excess water out of it.

Since this recipe was for a big batch (calling for one pound of orzo, which, since orzo seems to multiply in magical fashion, is a LOT) and I only wanted to use it for a side dish and then some lunches, I only made a third of the original recipe, which was still a lot. Other notes I have about the recipe:

  • Red onion seems to lose it's color when mixed into a dressing after awhile. If you need to make this over 12 hours in advance, I wouldn't add the red onion until right before serving.

  • For the small amount of jalapeno that was added, it contributed a big flavor to the salad. Not a spicy one, but one that I didn't really enjoy, so next time I will leave this out.

Here's the link...and good-bye summer!!

Corn and Zucchini Orzo Salad

Monday, September 12, 2011

Grilled Chicken and Roasted Tomato Salad

This salad-as-a-meal was a big winner in our house - Chuck even said he liked it better than any other salad entrees I've made! It was a nice, simple recipe, and the roasted tomatoes really added a delicate sweetness to the salad. Don't be afraid of the cannellini beans either (MOM!), they taste delicious mixed with the dressing.

The amounts in the link to the recipe will definitely serve 4 people - but if you keep all the ingredients separate (esspecially the dressing), you can definitely make a lunch out of the leftovers the next day. And as you can see above I added some large chunks of fresh mozzarella to the mix. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baked Eggplant Parmesan

This was so, so, so good. A nicely breaded eggplant baked with sauce and cheese, and the best part about it is that EVERYthing is baked in the oven. No breading the eggplant and pan-frying it on the stove so that you are splattered with oil. It's a little time-consuming just based on the bake time, but it's totally worth it.

I halved the whole recipe to make dinner for Chuck and I and there were tons of leftovers. We each ate ONE of those stacks below as our whole dinner, plus a green salad. The only change I made from the original recipe from Bite This! besides the amounts was not to add the last layer of cheese after uncovering the dish. Since I was only making it for a weeknight dinner, I didn't feel that we needed MORE cheese; but if I was making this for a dinner party I think it would be delicious. I will definitely be making this again in the future, and can't wait to serve it to company!