Saturday, March 5, 2011

No-Fuss Appetizer Menu

My friend Keri is a jewelry stylist for the company Stella & Dot and I was excited to have the opportunity to host a trunk show last weekend. I was expecting a little under 15 people and wanted to plan a menu that afforded me time to mingle with my guests as well as try on all the jewelry!

I was able to prep almost all of this menu the night before and did a minimum amount of work right before everyone arrived. Everything on this menu can be served (and hold) at room temperature, so once you set the table, your work is done!

And check out the link for the Winter White Sangria - it was a big hit!

No-Fuss Appetizer Menu

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Romantic Dinner said...

Thanks For the share it and I hope you enjoy that day. I wish to god you and your friend also friends.