Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Birthday Menu

My mother-in-law's birthday is this upcoming weekend and I offered to cook dinner at their house so everyone can relax on the deck and we can have a nice, leisurely meal. Plus, I have been itching to plan a dinner menu! I enlisted my sister-in-law Elizabeth as my trusty sous chef and Chuck of course will be manning the grill!

Summer Birthday Menu




Stay tuned for more recipes!


Maria said...

What a great menu!!

Pam said...

Can I come? The menu sounds fantastic!

The Blonde Duck said...

That sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Love the menu and LOVE the pic! That's too cute!

Jo said...

Colleen, this sounds wonderful - can I come too? I promise to bring a pressie... lol!!!!

Can't wait to see the recipes (I know you have already linked some!!)

Take Care,

Jo xx