Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lemonade Award

I was surprised and honored to be given the Lemonade Award by Kristen of Le Petit Pierogi. It is meant to be awarded to a "refreshing" blog. If I could, I would give this award back to Kristen because I love all of her fresh and delicious recipes that she posts on her blog. Thank you again, Kristen!

I have bestowed many awards in the past and I really do love all the blogs I read. Most of them are food blogs, and every so often even I get tired of reading about recipes. So that is why I am giving this award to my lovely goddaughter's blog, Carlyn Rose. She just turned one a few weeks ago and her mom, my cousin Katie, started it to share pictures and news of the little cutie. I always go over there when I need to see some pictures of Carlyn (although of course she is the wallpaper for all of my computers) and learn about how her day was!

So go check it out if you need something adorable to start your day with - the most recent post is how much Carlyn loves to watch the Pennsylvania Lottery and Jeopardy!