Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinner, Drinks, and Games with Good Friends

Isn't it nice to invite a group of friends over that you know, without a doubt, you will have a night full of laughs and fun times? Well, this weekend we will have a group of eight, including us, to play all sorts of games and just hang out. This will take place in our basement, or as Chuck likes to call it, the "man cave". It is quite fun, and has basically anything you could want for a good party - a stocked bar, a kegerator, wine fridge, Rock Band, darts, and other assorted games.

Each of my guests is also bringing an appetizer, which is why my app department on this menu is a little sparse. As always, check back for recipes and the rest of the menu!

Dinner, Drinks, and Games with Good Friends

  • Artisan cheese plate with marinated olives and assorted crackers.
  • Mini-crab cakes with remoulade sauce
  • Blue-cheese stuffed mushrooms




What's Cookin Chicago said...

Your menu looks great and we've been doing a lot of game nights with friends lately. It's so much fun and relaxed!

Mrs. in May said...

Sounds great! You gotta have a good night in with friends, especially in the winter. Your menu sounds perfect. You'll have to post what your friends brought too!

Anonymous said...

Your menu looks faaaaaaaabulous! Well done! I can't wait to see the recipes! Btw - your bar looks awesome! I love it.

Amanda said...

Thanks Colleen! It really was good and my boyfriend really liked it, so it'll definitely be on the menu again soon!

The Blonde Duck said...

My invitation got lost in the mail. I'll wait. :)

Maria said...

We love hosting parties. We bought a house in August and have been entertaining as much as we can! I love your ideas here!